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Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are a simple, cost efficient, and environmentally friendly landscaping technique that reduces stormwater pollution. Rainwater flows over rooftops, driveways, and parking lots collecting oils, fertilizers, and many other pollutants eventually entering the sewer system and sometimes flowing directly to the river.

Rain gardens capture rainwater, allowing it to slowly seep into the ground, filtering contaminants, and in turn keeping the river cleaner. 


A tidy rain garden is a healthy rain garden with healthy plants. Healthy plants aid in keeping the soil in the rain garden loose and able to absorb and filter rain water. MGROW maintains two rain gardens along Michigan Avenue west of Pennsylvania Avenue. 


Volunteers Needed

Trash and leaves collect in the rain gardens throughout the year and volunteers are needed to assist with removing trash and cutting back overgrown plants. Rain gardening is a lot like regular gardening, except that our crop produces a healthier Grand River, and for many people, a healthy river is as important as the vegetables and flowers that come from traditional gardens.


There is no long-term commitment. If you are interested or have questions contact Dave Drullinger at

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