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Explore the Middle Grand River Water Trail Map

Plan your paddling trip on the Middle Grand River with our interactive map!

PLEASE READ: All information on the interactive water trail map is subject to change. While we’ve tried to insure its accuracy, it is not a substitute for your use of reasonable care or up-to-date knowledge of river conditions. Make your own evaluation of the water, current, portages, weather, and hazards. Wear a properly fastened life jacket. Get competent instruction in water safety and paddling techniques. Plan routes appropriate to your skills.  *Covid-19 may have impacted the spring installation schedules for kayak launches. Contact the access site owner for current information and available amenities. 


By clicking the “I Accept” button below, you agree you will not hold the creators of this map liable for any loss, damage, or injury that may occur because you used this information.


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Interested in a hard copy map of the Middle Grand River? Purchase our detailed, waterproof, spiral bound Middle Grand River Heritage Water Trail Guidebook HERE.

Want to view "street view" style 360 degree imagery of the water trail? Check out this Virtual Trail Explorer from the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission!


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